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Concrete Specialists


Pavement Quality Concrete (PQ)

For the purposes of airfield pavements, PQ is an ideal option when reducing cost whilst meeting performance targets. PQ concrete pavements are manufactured from unreinforced 300-500mm thick concrete purposefully for flexural payloads.

For further information, please refer to Specification 033 in Pavement Quality Concrete for Airfields (Ministry of Defence, 2017) at

PQ completed by AUM Construction Ltd in 2018.

High Temperature Resistant Concrete (HTRC)

Research has shown that HTRC, when exposed to high temperatures, will maintain the integrity of its compressive strength.

For further information, please refer to: Pimienta, P., Alonso, M. C., Jansson McNamee, R. and Mindeguia, J.-C. (2017) “Behaviour of high-performance concrete at high temperatures: some highlights”, RILEM Technical Letters, 2, pp. 45-52. doi: 10.21809/rilemtechlett.2017.53.

Drawn business plan on wall illuminated

EMAS under construction by AUM Construction Ltd.

Engineered Materials Arrestor System (EMAS)

The EMAS is employed at the end of a runway to diminish the impact of a runway excursion or aircraft overruns. Engineered materials
are defined in the FAA Advisory Circular No 150/5220-22B as
"high energy absorbing materials of selected strength,
which will reliably and predictably crush under the weight
of an aircraft".

This EMAS, also known as the arrester bed, is an American system new to the United Kingdom and currently being tested and utilised at specific airfields. 


For further information, please refer to:

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