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AUM Construction Ltd is family owned construction business established in 2009 (UK). Born out of the construction industry, the business has seasoned itself as a leading airport runway resurfacing company at an international level.


Since 2010, AUM Construction Ltd has been sub-contracted by many clients, particularly Lagan Construction Group, to undertake resurfacing or maintenance projects at various airports. During this time, the growth of the company has been exponential with a strong workforce, knowledge and commitment to continually improve.


Whilst the scope of works may vary from being domestic to commercial (groundwork, labour supply, drainage, property renovation or airport runways), AUM Construction Ltd will always be proficient when it comes to concrete. 


With more than 20 years’ experience, the business prides itself upon its concrete expertise from achieving the correct mix ratio at the quarry to attaining a precise strength overtime. At AUM Construction Ltd, we know that our customer satisfaction is dependent upon the expertise that we bring to the table. Therefore, we can effortlessly move from working with hand trowels to plant  machinery, such as the SF - 3000 (pictured above), which we have employed for many of our projects.


In 2015, the company branched out with its subsidiary company, AUM Construction (Ireland) Limited.


As a construction company, AUM Construction Ltd has dug deep to create a strong foundation from which it can build upon and cultivate new relationships. 

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